Monday, March 22, 2010

Banana bread

So this weekend I ended up being busier than I planned and I never got around to making bread. I did however find a  few older recipes in the cabinet I intend to try throughout the week!

Today, I did get around to making some banana bread for a friend. He recently gave us a large amount of bananas so to repay the favor I made his family a few loaves of bread. I used the same recipe I use to make my farmers market bread. The recipe only yields one loaf, so I had to do the batch separately. I've found that double batching makes it turn out really badly. So I just take the extra short amount of time and make the batter separately.

Here are some picture's of the process.

The recipe is a very important part of making the bread, of course!

Everything ready to be mixed together, with the bananas on the bottom.

Ready for the oven. 55 minutes at 350 degrees

Finished product! The one of the top is banana oatmeal bread, and the bottom is just plain banana bread.
Today I have also been busy working on another 4H project, which is cake decorating. I am making a two layer chocolate cake. I’ll post picture’s on that tomorrow as currently it’s in my kitchen waiting for the icing to soften a bit more. I should most likely take me all night, seeing as this is my first attempt at ever doing anything slightly fancy! 
Things I am going to try and get done this week are
1)      Clean rabbit cages
2)      Rebuild compost pile
3)      De-leaf the herb garden

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