Friday, March 19, 2010

A little more about "That girl being me"

I am doing this very in depth 4H project this year. I am striving to learn more about organic, greener, self sufficient living. Getting back to basic farming. Hands and shovel kind of deal. Making what you need, and using what you make. My family already gardens organically every year. Herbs, veggies, and fruits, we also purchase a lot from local growers in the summer during farmers markets. However, I find myself wanting more of a self sufficient life style. So for my project, I am trying to locate farmers in my area and am asking them to please, please help me with this in depth project.
I’ll frequently be updating about the process of my project, as this blog is mainly to document my progress and share what I’ve learned from my project.
I’ve made a list of things I want to learn more about, and things I want to change in my life. They are actually listed on the side bar as “things I want to accomplish”. Since it’s Friday, and my family ran out of bread last night. I am going to make some breakfast bread (banana), and some sandwich bread. I might also make some rolls or something. In case you didn’t get the hint, I am starting the “only eat homemade bread” part from my list, Lol. I’ll have to update later this week with pictures and maybe a recipe or two! : )
I think I’m also going to try and get the clothes line put up this weekend, and re-pile the compost pile. It’s quickly traveling outward. Which is not good at all!
In case I never mentioned before, I also raise rabbits. Mini Rex to be exact. I raise and show them. I sold one today to someone living in good ol Canada. I am buying 3 nice New Zealand’s on Sunday though, and the trio will be the foundation to my lines and be the sire/dam(s) of my 2010 Pen of 3 at fair!
I’ll leave you with this quote :
"From breakfast, or noon at the latest, to dinner, I am mostly on horseback, Attending to My Farm or other concerns, which I find healthful to my body, mind, and affairs."
- Thomas Jefferson

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