Friday, May 28, 2010

Pearl Alley Market

So, today Amy took me to the Pearl Alley Market with her to "help" vend! She was really great at getting me around to meet a few people to help me with my project and I got a few numbers for some people who I think can really help give me some great information!

The day was long, fun, and wonderful! Lots of little shops I got to look at around the place as well as looking at all the goodies people from the market were selling. I met a few people who in general just wanted to chat with me about my project and get to know a Mikamy Meadow volunteer!! :D 

Amy is such a dear to work with, she is so knowledgeable (I can't say that enough), and is being a tremendous help with my project! Here are some picture's I took of the day! Please enjoy them, and stop by this market if you live in or near Columbus Ohio!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Around my house

Here are some recent picture's I have taken!

A trip to the Farmers Market

I had my 4H club demonstration today and I choice to do mine on my Urban Homesteading project. I titled it "A trip to the Farmers Market". 

In my talk I covered 5 points on how to shop at the farmers market, and why you should support the farmers market. 

My club liked my project so much that they voted me to represent them at the Union County Fair's Demonstration Day contest. I really hope to win State Fair for this demonstration.  

Here are some picture's, even though they are not great. 

Rabbit update

They are doing great. We currently have about 32 kits in the barn!

Here is one litter. It's 4 broken black Mini Rex and 1 solid black Mini Rex. They are about 3 weeks old in this picture and are growing good. I hope to get some show kits from this litter. This doe has 1 leg, and has produced a daughter with now 1 leg! So we are hoping for some winners in this litter! *Fingers crossed*

Rain Fresh Harvest

Rain Fresh Harvest

I went on a tour of the Rain Fresh Harvest green house in Plain City, Ohio. I loved it! Such nice people, and a great place to look around! Barry answered so many questions everyone had, was very knowledgeable and was over all it was a wonderful tour!  

I suggest supporting him, and I hope that if you are near his business you'll top and take a look! While you are there, I really hope you get a chance to meet his sweet, lovable, adorable chocolate lab! :P 

Here are a few picture's from my tour. 

Mikamy Meadows

Amy Mattingly of West Liberty, Ohio has been a wonderful help in my project for my Urban Homesteading. She is letting me work alongside her on her projects and teaching me more about organic gardening, soap making, candles, ect. 

Although I've only worked with her a few times, I am really enjoying it. She is such a nice person to know and I so look forward to getting to know her better!! 

Please, please, take a look at her site and consider some of her products. She has a wonderful selection and is so knowledgeable. 

Here are some picture's of her Guinea Fowl. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The babies have landed!

We now have 10 snug kits. Our beautiful doe, Shesta, from my later post delivered yesterday 5 little kits. Then today another one of my does, Ginger, kindled 5 kits as well. Here are the babies from Shesta, as I have yet to take picture's of Gingers litter.

Around the farm everything is going well. Recently I've decided to take up a small hobby of fixing up old furniture and making things from window frames, ect. (picture's will come later). I, at the current moment, am fixing up a pair of old window shutters to become a pretty garden display.

I have a demonstration coming up for 4H in one month and I am pulling together those details. My demonstration will be titled "A trip to the Farmers Market", where I will teach my group about the farmers market and things sold/bought there. I have many wonderful ideas and I'll post picture's once I am done!

I'm trying to plan a trip to a beef cattle farm at the moment  too. 

I think this is all for the update right now. Hopefully everyone is enjoying reading my blog! I know, I don't post often. :(

The girl being, Me