Friday, May 28, 2010

Pearl Alley Market

So, today Amy took me to the Pearl Alley Market with her to "help" vend! She was really great at getting me around to meet a few people to help me with my project and I got a few numbers for some people who I think can really help give me some great information!

The day was long, fun, and wonderful! Lots of little shops I got to look at around the place as well as looking at all the goodies people from the market were selling. I met a few people who in general just wanted to chat with me about my project and get to know a Mikamy Meadow volunteer!! :D 

Amy is such a dear to work with, she is so knowledgeable (I can't say that enough), and is being a tremendous help with my project! Here are some picture's I took of the day! Please enjoy them, and stop by this market if you live in or near Columbus Ohio!

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