Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Did you have a good Easter?

I had a wonderful Easter. Church service every night last week and family over Sunday night! :) What did you do for Easter? God is ALIVE! Praise him!

It's been a while, yesh I realize. I've been busy with Easter :P I am back though, fear not. I hope to update a little more things, but it's been rather slow here.

Yesterday I started training for my 5K that is in June or so. I only did a 12 minute mile, but it's pretty good for a chubby new runner, right? :P 

Our coach suggested  Runners World and I've enjoyed it so far! I think running will be a great thing. Some time alone. Just me and my ipod blaring in my ear! I think we are going out to by new run shoes tonight. I'm excited!

Our herbs are starting to come back up! I was outside walking to the barn and I smelled the sweetness of Peppermint in the air. I went to check on the plants and sure enough our sage is turning green and we have little peppermint sprouts coming up! How exciting!! I also noticed our chives, thyme, and chamomile popping up! Below is a little piece of peppermint.

We also went to the green house on Saturday and bought some plants. We put them in the window frame of the shed, and I fear they are fading away quickly. Sadly we haven't tilled yet (I know, right!) but I think we are this weekend!

My graduation party is coming up soon, and Mom is in the process of having dad make her an arbor to go in our seating area so she can grow some flowers and hanging out plants on them. We are planning to finish it before my party which is... about two months away. Please keep your fingers crossed!

I think thats the update I have for now. I'll try again soon! :D

Have a great Tuesday! The weather where I am at is amazing... I need to go for a run tonight before it gets too dark.

That girl being, Me

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